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Here you will find news about my various publications and activities - and examples of my writing.

My work rises out of my intense interest in the natural world, art, mythology and history.

As an experienced teacher and workshop leader, I am able to deliver creative activities to all ages, and help everyone to feel that they have tapped into their potential as a writer.

Past courses have taken place in museums, galleries and libraries, focussing on using historic collections to inspire powerful work.

My writing is particularly suited to residencies, as I enjoy working collaboratively and in response to particular objects or buildings.

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Errant Hours by Kate Innes
The first book of The Arrowsmith Trilogy, The Errant Hours, was published in 2015, and has been named one of the 100 Must-Read Medieval Novels by Book Riot.
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All The Winding World by Kate Innes
All the Winding World is Book Two of The Arrowsmith Trilogy, set ten years later than The Errant Hours, during the disastrous Anglo-French War of 1294-6, one of Edward I’s rare military defeats.
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Wild Labyrinth by Kate Innes
Inspired by the Mappa Mundi of Hereford Cathedral, this final book in The Arrowsmith Trilogy brings the reader into its world of marvels and monsters, heights and depths, redemption and damnation.
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Greencoats by Kate Innes
My first children's book, Greencoats, a historical fantasy set in WW2, is suitable for readers over 8 years. A free KS2 Scheme of Work is available
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soft folds of spawning streams
wisps of bees
the hollows made by muscular hills
and the downy skin of mown grass

News and Events:

 The final book in The Arrowsmith Trilogy has arrived!

Wild Labyrinth continues the story of Illesa Arrowsmith (Lady Burnel) during the turbulent years of the early 14th century when an ageing king is waging another doomed war, and her friends and family are endangered by more than military force. It was inspired by the Hereford Cathedral's Mappa Mundi, the destruction of the Templar Order and many bizarre events at the end of Edward the First's reign.
You can order for delivery within the UK through the Shop and check News and Events for related activities. 
I'll be at Buildwas Abbey with my books on 13 August 10- 4pm as part of the English Heritage event: Medieval Mayhem!

'Greencoats' - historical fantasy set in WW2 - is shortlisted for the International Rubery Book Award!

The judges said: . . . The mysteries continue when Gwen ventures into the woodlands. A magical element is introduced through spirits within the trees and skilfully woven with the realistic human stories to create a wonderful world which Gwen delights in exploring.

 There is a KS2 Scheme of Work FREE to download here:  Greencoats  

You can order a copy to be delivered to you on the Shop page of this website. 

Audiobook of The Errant Hours:

The audiobook of 'The Errant Hours' is now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes!

It has been beautifully narrated by Rebecca Sharp - a talented voice actor. I'm delighted with the result, and I hope listeners will be too. You can get it free as part of your Audible subscription. Go to Audible

Rebecca and I had a Q&A on Zoom about our experience of preparing the audiobook, our favourite and least favourite characters etc. You can watch the video on YouTube via this link   Watch Q&A video

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'The Errant Hours' Book One of The Arrowsmith Trilogy

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As an experienced teacher and workshop leader, I am able to deliver creative activities to all ages... Learn More

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